THC Edibles + Photo Booth + Vegas = Legal Cannabis Photo Experiment

The New York based CBD Source Podcast was in Las Vegas from December 11th till the 13th, 2019 covering MJBizCon (the nation’s largest Cannabis & CBD industry convention).

Have already recorded interviews on day one and two with such industry luminaries as Tommy Chong and Steve DeAngelo, on Thursday night (Dec 11th – listen to future episodes of the CBD Source Podcast for those interviews), podcast host, Col Cheney, and the show’s the Cannabidiet chef, Ryan Webber were invited to the first annual MJBizDaily Awards Gala.

CBD Source Podcast with the original Weed Van Man Tommy Chong.
The father of the legal cannabis industry, Steve DeAngelo flashing a peace sign with our own CBD Source Podcast host Col Cheney.

The Gala award presentation happened to be hosted by MontKush founder and OxiClean Pitchman Anthony Sullivan – whom the podcast had already interviewed back in November (Audio / Photos / Story here).

CBD Source Podcast’s host Col Cheney in middle, sandwiched by Anthony “Sully” Sullivan, and David Christian, both of MontKush and their Fresh Squeezed CBD.

The gang didn’t dress formal attire as the invite had suggested…they wore their show clothes. When they were told that there was no video or audio recording allowed in the event or afterparty, they decided to document their adventures in another way…posing for the afterparty’s automatic photo booths in front of the step-and-repeat logo walls.


  • Step 1) Hit up every photo booth in the place…there were around 4 of them…
  • Step 2) Eat a bunch of THC edibles they bought legally at a dispensary the night before.
  • Step 3) Set an alarm on their phone for an hour and a half.
  • Step 4) When the alarm rings, hit all the photo booths again, and pose once more… this time with whatever props are on the table, and just let loose and have fun with it.
  • Step 5) View & Share the Results- with after-the-fact commentary.
” If you look closely, you can see one of the photo booths in the background just above my glowing green wrist band.” – Col


As you can see in the photo above, the room for this industry gala afterparty was insanely decadent. It was so massive, you could probably house over ten regulation basketball court side-by-side in there. The perfect venue to be networking, schmoozing, and conspiring with cannabis big wigs, and up-and-coming award winners.

“You really feel like you are a part of a tribe when you are at events where everyone attending is a fan of plant medicine, and everyone is actively communing with the plant in one way or another. We all felt tapped in. ”

Col Cheney

They boys started off on a good foot, with only CBD in their systems, and a few trips to the various top shelf open bars in the cocktail space. They hatched a plan, a cannabinoid experiment. They began with classic, and semi-sober poses (SEE BELOW).

“Getting loose, at this point we just ate some THC edibles, and hit up the open bar. My suggestion to Ryan, let’s hit the booths before these kick in, and we will see how LIT we get in an hour and a half. The ‘after” pics when we are rockin’ that higher level of relaxation.” – Col
“On our first trip to the photo booths, this picture was at the second booth in, we had some MontKush Fresh Squeezed CBD in our systems, and our first drink at the open bar. The edibles had just been eaten, but hadn’t at this point started effecting us yet. I remember thinking, I can’t wait to see the pictures from our second lap…this is gonna be a trip.” – Col
“Twenty minutes into this, we are already smiling more than we were when we walked in the door, I have a very good feeling about this.” – Col

As the 90 minute alarm went off, the edibles were fully kicked in, and Col & Ryan hit up the photo booths again. Most of the booths were occupied with lines of people, so they went to one of the far off booths on the other side of the massive hall, and began to take pictures. Every time a picture was taken, it would show up on the screen and you had the option to print it, and have it emailed to you.

They did both…so we have perfect digital versions of their entire experience… Let’s follow their adventure in legal recreational adult use cannabis.


The photos get progressively more weird, fun, and diverse. Note that the guys were laughing their asses off in between each photo, but instantly as they hit send and print on the photo, they would be gearing up for the next photo. They monopolized a booth for half an hour, but the results are hilarious.

1 hour 30 Minutes

“I had every “Fear and Loathing ” Hunter S. Thompson memory going through my brain as we were taking these. We would hold a quick pose, and then wait to review it on the screen. We would then burst into laughter. I haven’t laughed this hard in months.” – Col

1 hour 33 Minutes

“We just realized that we are more f*cked up than we expected.” – Col

1 hour 35 Minutes

“I was reviewing the first photos, at this point I had an idea that this experiment was going to turn out crazy, and we were happy to have a machine emailing a record of this wackiness to the cloud so we could put this together when we got back.” – Col

1 hour 40 Minutes

“Ryan is choking the chicken….and I apparently broke the strap for the Kylo Ren mask, yet still wanted to wear it.” – Col

1 hour 42 Minutes

“It started to feel like a super-high version of Whose Line Is It Anyway, where we were taking minimal props, and trying to show our inner stoned personality.” – Col

1 hour 44 Minutes

“Robot and One-Punch Man?” – Col

1 hour 46 Minutes

“Looking back on these pictures, they feel like we were auditioning to be members of some Cannabis related esoteric rock band.” – Col

1 hour 48 Minutes

“When I took this photo I was channeling Kanye West meets Dr. Strange.” – Col

1 hour 50 Minutes

“A Holistic Medicine healer named Julie E approached us, she uses CBD in her practice. She told us we looked like we were having the most fun out of everyone at the event and wanted to be around our energy. We invited her to pose with us. Look out for her to be a possible upcoming guest on the show.” – Col

1 hour 52 Minutes

“We started with a very serious statue pose. We posed like we were all contemplating a deeper meaning to existence.” – Col

1 hour 54 Minutes

“I think with this one we were intuitively creating a concert photo, the giant donut is a microphone, and the rubber chicken I am using as some sort of guitar type instrument.” – Col

1 hour 56 Minutes

“Ground control to Major Tom, we are no longer in Kansas anymore.” – Col

1 hour 58 Minutes

“I snuck a covert THC/CBD vape hit behind the donut.” – Col

2 hours

“We have achieved a maximum ZEN state.” – Col

Thanks to Julie E for joining us in our phytocannabinoid, photo booth experiment, thank you to #MJBizCon2019 for hooking us up with the amazeballs ALL-ACCESS VIP Press Passes, and thanks again to Anthony Sullivan and Dave Christian for inviting us in the first place. This experiment was just one small part of an amazing week, that will not be forgotten…(and will make for some killer episodes!).

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