Austin Lamoreaux – Professional Snowboarder & CBD Advocate – Koi CBD Unboxing / Tasting (Ep.43)

This episode Dani joins Col in the studio for an action packed “C-BODY with DANI” with our guest, professional snowboarder Austin Lamoreaux who recently released his art/trick film “Yeller.”

He goes into detail about his love of CBD for muscle relaxation, recovery and relief after full days of building ramps, and landing wrong or wiping out.

He tells about his adventures competing in Olympic trials, and his evolved career as a backcountry freerider.

The weird stigmas with CBD, and how athletes, and even people who use desk jobs should give it a try.

 We hear a “CBDeeep Thought” with our CBD Guru Akash.

Col and the Cannabidiet Chef Ryan Webber do a CBD Source Unboxing of Koi CBD products.

Dani joins Col for the wrap-up. After the credits we play some of Wednesday’s LIVESTREAM Montkush 4:20 Hempday Giveaway- listen to hear who won!

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