Holistic CBD Nutrition – Incorporating CBD Into Your Diet For A Healthy Life – With Julie E. (Ep.46)


Holistic health expert, registered dietitian, and functional medicine practitioner Julie E. from JulieEHealth.com, whom we met in Vegas at MJBizDaily Awards Show afterpartywhile we were doing our THC Photobooth Edibles Experiment, teaches us how CBD can assist Vitamin C in healing.

How eating a teaspoon of oil might AMPLIFY your CBD’s efficacy. What type of oil? How to take it? When to take it, etc…

CBD & Exercise, did you know athletes can take CBD before and after a workout…and eating after a workout can make the pre-workout CBD more effective!? Julie E. breaks down the parts of the Endocannabinoid system (the HPA Axis).

Later Dani hits us with a C-BODY Fitness blip, for bodybuilders who want to incorporate CBD into their bulking and cutting.

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