Thank you for your interest in becoming a guest on the CBD Source Podcast, I’m your host, Col (pronounced Kull) Cheney. 
In the CBD Source Podcast we like to have conversations with people who have interesting stories and can help educate about Cannabidiol (CBD), Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and the other 100+ cannabinoids. If you are great at telling stories in a compelling and humorous way, that’s GREAT! If you have a great story to tell, but aren’t a natural storyteller, that’s GREAT TOO!! If your story is genuinely interesting and informative, leave the rest up to me.

Our guests vary between professionals working in the cannabis space, doctors, authors, farmers, people in the health field, athletes, celebrities, influencers, engineers, scientists, brand reps or Founders, and any number of other related fields or positions we haven’t even thought of yet.

We also love hearing first-hand experiences, so if you have an ailment, physical condition,  injury, pet, or loved one with that you has found the benefits of CBD (or a combination of cannabinoids) to be life altering, and you want to talk to an international audience and help others who are in a similar boat, but might be hesitant to try cannabis products as an alternative or in addition to over the counter or prescription medications they may be taking or have taken in the past, then we want to talk to you.  

If you don’t think you have a story that would last 30 min – 1 hour, but you can do it justice by telling it in 3 minutes or less, you can always call our toll free Voice Mail hotline 1-833-CBD-GANG. Your message is automatically emailed to me as an audio file that I can play on air.

I look forward to reading a brief pitch about you, and your story, and what you think the rest of the CBD Gang (our listeners) can take away from your story, your personal experience(s), or that of your loved one or family member. 
-Col Cheney