LIVE SHOW – CBD Source In-Store IGNITE CBD Tasting (Ep.41)

In this week’s episode IGNITE CBD sent their brand ambassador Taylor to one of our CBD Source Center locations in Middletown, NY  for a live demo and sampling of the various flavors of IgniteCBD.

Col and Chef Ryan set-up an area to chill with our microphones and talk before Taylor arrived.

Once she got there we moved over to the Tasting Station (YES, THIS STORE HAS A TASTING STATION!!) tried their tinctures, vapes, roll-ons and lotions. Podcast host Col Cheney and The Cannabidiet Chef, Ryan Webber tasted them all.

Later we invited the public to taste and sample with us, and talk about their personal experiences with CBD and Cannabis.

A random 38-year-old CBD Source customer named Melissa tried a tincture for the first time live on the show, and…

Our clerk Skyler decided to cover his entire face in a CBD Menthol Sports cream…with unexpectedly hilarious results. Stick around till after the credits to hear how this played out! 🙂

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