Mike Robinson – Medical Cannabis Activist & Founder of Global Cannabinoid Research Center

CBD SOURCE PODCAST – Episode: 18 – Col Cheney

In this episode we meet Mike Robinson, a race car driver before his career literally hit a wall at 181.2 mph. Throwing him into a coma, and later a wheelchair and permanent disability. Throughout his life he was diagnosed with non ambulatory chronic Lyme Disease, severe neuropathy, severe brain Injury, severe refractory epilepsy, right eye blindness, and several forms of cancer.

He got extremely dependent on the opioids he prescribed to deal with his injuries, and eventually (through a very serendipitous circumstance) was introduced to CBD in 2013. Now he is living life in an ALMOST FULL RECOVERY, which he attributes to his use of Cannabis concentrates (THC/CBD) and whole plant.

The stories are too good to not listen to, so I’m not going to bother trying to type them out. You gotta hear the episode to absorb some of Mike’s amazing, stories!

In addition to being a former race car driver, at 53, Mike is also a former mortgage banker, former civil rights non-attorney representative, former civil rights lobbyist, and the former director of communications for The American Academy of Cannabanoid Medicine.

Currently he is the founder of the Global Cannabinoid Research Center, the American Cannabis Compassion Alliance, the Carousel Challenge #CarouselChallenge, and his blog MikesMedicines.com . You can follow him on instagram at @CannabisMyMedicine

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